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My name is Ellia…

Think tattooed bombshell with an indie aesthetic. The unassuming artistic influencer who will leave you wanting more. Definitely will make you laugh. A little bit kinky. Sucker for romance. Love to tease. Playful, imaginative, smart. Obsessed with travel. Music & film enthusiast. Luscious curves. Very Kissable.

Perhaps you’re here because you simply love beautiful and smart women- I don’t blame you, we deserve to seek connection and revel in the many pleasures life has to offer. Here's to getting to know one another and enjoying ourselves!



At a glance...

Name: Ellia (elle-eeh-uh)

Age: Late 20s

Body: Athletic, curvy

Height: 5'5

Measurement: 34-26-36

Hair style & color: Currently Brunette w/short pixie cut

Shoe size: 8.5 US, 38.5 IT/EU

Sexual preference: Attracted to all genders

Tattoos: Yes, many! 

Location: SF Bay Area, NYC, Philadelphia and travels internationally often.

Background: Mixed Latina/Caucasian (South American and European)

Personality: Artistic, sensuous, independent.

Education: Soon to be grad student.

Interests: Travel, cinema, music, art

Duos: Yes! Check out my friends page, or introduce me to your friends.

Do you see women, trans, and gender-expansive clients?: 

Yes! I adore seeing self-identified women, trans, and gender expansive clients of all legal ages.

What about couples?:

ABSOLUTELY. I am honored to curate a sexy and open space for partners wishing to explore, have fun, or celebrate.


One - 500  | Two - 1000 | Three - 1500

In-call: Emeryville, San Francisco

Out-Call: San Francisco, East Bay

Travel Dates: NYC in April 2020

Extended Visits & Overnight

Dinner and drinks, a night on the town, or a stroll through a museum? I prefer longer visits and meaningful connections. Inquire with me via email for details.


I am passport ready and a great travel buddy! I only travel with those who I've seen consistently for 3 months or longer. If you're interested in traveling together, send me an email with your ideal travel plans and we'll go from there!

Note: I am attracted to people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, places of origin, body types, and abilities. If there is something specific you are curious about, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Ellia Gia Ricci

© 2019 by Ellia Ricci

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